Narisa Aguirrevalle

Narisa Aguirrevalle

Friendship Heights

Title: The Hair Healer

Summary: Specializing in hair healing, let's get personal and find what works best #4yourhaironly.

Overview: As a Hair Healer, I can repair any type of hair from color corrections to long cuts gone wrong.
I specialize in long-term hair health, rehabilitating hair that has been over-processed or damaged by

excessive heat. I work with different balayage, baby lights and foilage techniques to create blended color with the help of wellaplex optimal hair health is always maintained.   Lets revitalize your hair together!

Product Tip: Trust in the power of treatments.

  • Pricing is available via online booking.
    Consultations are always complimentary, recommended for new guests, and required for color corrections. 

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