Ashley Sandgren

Ashley Sandgren


Title: Flawless EleganceSummary: Ashley is a passionate stylist and makeup artist who prides herself on creating the perfect experience not only in her chair but in front of your mirror at home.Overview: Ashley takes the time to listen to your hair dreams and concerns. She creates a look with color and cut that best suits your needs and desires, whether it’s covering those pesky gray hairs or creating that sultry sexy look with hand painting. Ashley specializes in an array of things but finds true passion in helping you recreate the salon look at home. She truly believes when you look good you feel great. Let her be your go-to stylist that ensures that even on those days you don’t feel your best you still look absolutely stunning.Highlights: SO.CAP.USA Extension Certified, studied at MAC PRO NY.TIP: Carry a mini dry shampoo/hairspray in your purse so when life gets out of control you still control your hair!

  • Designer Haircuts: $70
    Barber Cut: $45
    Single Tone All-over Color: $130
    Single Tone Retouch: $80
    Full Balayage/Handpainting: $200+
    Partial Balayage/Handpainting: $170
    Full Foil Highlight: $160+
    Partial Foil Highlight: $130
    Blow dry: $40
    Color Correction (booked by consult): $250+

    Bridal Updo: $120
    Makeup Application: $65
    Makeup Bride: $80
    Makeup Lesson: $100
    Makeup Wedding Party: $65
    Updo: $100

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