Shohreh  McGarry

Shohreh McGarry



Shohreh is a master stylist and colorist with over 20 years of experience. She has a knack for understanding the needs and requirements of each individual, and strives  to make them feel beautiful. She has a true passion for hair! While forming strong relationships with her clients and providing them with a style, cut and color that is as unique as they are.  She ha s the skill and knowledge to create looks t hat b ring  out your  best features. Specializing in all aspects of hair color from corrective color, the perfect blonde, lived in balayage, sultry brunettes, gorgeous reds, and gray coverage. Her attention to detail allows her to  craft unique and beautiful looks that will dazzle. 


Switch to a silk pillowcase! Making this switch will not only give you the best hair ever, but it is also better for your skin!

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